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Rule #1-Don't take your ego to an argument you want to resolve

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This web site is a set of guidelines, for men interested in getting what it is that they each want from a relationship.  This is a website for women who can't get their point across, or can't get men to read books. (Read more below)



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This sight is for guys who want some quick answers regarding relationships.   It is for women that can't get their men to listen for what ever reason, even though he has the ability and the desire for a positive relationship. (email this link to your guy for quick and easy results)  Relationships? Marriage? Girlfriend?  Why do people get involved in them? What is it you want? What is it that everyone wants? Success in a relationship depends on  first asking yourself these questions,  then realizing that your partner may have some  different answers.  Answers based on each individual's specific needs which each person has the right to determine for themselves. 


 Guideline: People stay around people that make them feel good about themselves.   



Marriage Counseling


 This site is a list of quick insights, based on some notoriously complex issues.  These guidelines are simple reminders of some generalizations that sometimes get lost in the fog. Sometimes navigating the world of gender relations presents as curiosity, as well as  frustration.  But the bottom line in relationships is that  we are all trying to be good, hoping that our behavior won't banish us to the fiery inferno in the after-life. Relationships provide a ground in which both sides pursue their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Not necessarily in any specific order, because for this author to prioritize that listing would surely be met with ample feedback from most anyone having experienced the interesting state of relationshipsrelationhip advice for men 

This site is going to be simple.  It is going to be a list of guidelines for men, whom much like dogs, are usually happy if you pet them regularly, speak at them in affectionate tones, make sure food is available, give them a regular milk bone, and play Frisbee with them.  Usually dogs are less than savvy when expressing their needs.  Savvy is a term that is left to those with higher cerebral capabilities. Webster's defines savvy as the quality of being able to understand; being in " the know".  It is with this thought in mind that the author calls on all "dog-men", "dog- dudes", and "dog-males", to not give up the pursuit of their needs, but to simply recognize that a more savvy approach might lead to the satisfaction of their needs in a more expedient fashion.  And while acting with this more conscious perception, will also fulfill the needs of the objects of their affections, that being the almighty woman. One last thing, most women are more like cats.  If you try to love them when they don't want to be touched, you'll get scratched.  Loving them when they want it will usually result in warm affection and purrs. 
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 Guideline-Cats don't have to always purr.

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