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 Observation #1

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. 

marriage and sex Good sex is suppose to relieve stress and re-energize you.

sex therapy Men enjoy sex because it re-energizes them physically.

realtionships and sex Women enjoy sex when it re-energizes them emotionally.

finding time for sex After the honeymoon stage, less is more.  You can't have steak every night and still love it.  Guys, this usually means that if you want a a sex life that she seems interested in, your going to have to pace it. 

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Women can't enjoy sex unless she has a clear mind.  Thinking about stuff that needs to get done will distract her from good sex. i.e. dry cleaning, kids school stuff, grocery shopping.  Men if you want good sex you have to help clear her mind of the chores.  Cleaning up after yourself, doing your share of the boring household chores is one of the best aphrodisiacs around.


Healthy sex drive When it comes to sex, treat women like your favorite car.  You wouldn't just jump in, turn on a cold engine and peel out.  If you want the car to last along time,  you warm the engine first, then you go  for a ride; Some days are good for 4 wheeling, some days are good for a quick spin around the block, and yet others are good for a leisurely drive.

sex and relationships You perform maintenance on your car regularly so it will last longer.  You don't require you car to say thank you.

Sex is better when it is fresh and new.  Don't expect continual freshness and passion at home all the time.  You have to search out new environments. While diapers may be changed in another room, and laundry cleaned elsewhere, women still have the perception that this all occurs under the same roof.  Therefore, don't expect sex to be exciting and fresh if you have these things going on in your home.  If you want exciting and fresh,  take her away for excitement. 

The home is a nest.  How exciting can having sex in the same place you clean, change diapers, and cook stew be?

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  Men want it anytime and anywhere.  We are just as excited about getting it in the bedroom as we are about getting it in the laundry room or garage.  Women need aesthetic environmental variety.  When was the last time you saw a cat hump your leg?

Piss off a women and you are not getting any for a month.  This is contrary to pissing off a man, and finding out that he'll give it up five minutes later.

When your women first saw you she was turned on by your positive don qualities.  She wasn't turned on by watching you piss on a fire hydrant, drop a load on the lawn, fart at your kibble bowl, or scratching your fleas.  If you want to keep a certain amount of romance alive, save that stuff for the guys.  It shows respect.  

Women love to be respected.  

When they are respected, they react with affection.